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Title for 2nd Yellowstone Shifters Book... Ideas?

  1. Wild Refuge

  2. Wild Shadows

Or should I step away from the "Wild" concept for Book II?

  1. No Safe Refuge

  2. Out of the Shadows

This is the ROUGH DRAFT blurb, if that helps!

“I was becoming my true self. But that didn’t mean I wanted to go anywhere near the packs or the alphas.”

When Sienna Wilder, a Yellowstone Park Ranger, learns to control her puma shifting abilities, she finds peace for the first time in her life. She’s got the dream job, shifter friends, and the wild to explore. Only someone from her past is back and the wolf and big cat packs that surround her home are threatening war.

When the fires start, Sienna knows that she must intervene, even if she risks exposure of her rare, secret power. If she doesn’t figure out the hidden connections, she may lose everything.

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