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Wild Dawn

September 9, 2022

“My name is Sienna Wilder, park ranger and puma, and my story will transform the shifter world.”

All Sienna wants to do is live in peace in Yellowstone, but rumors of her existence are sparking a revolution among the shifters. The Council has called a meeting and more than Sienna’s safety is at risk—the anti-treaty alphas will use any means to take control of the neutral national parks.

Soon Sienna is hunting an assassin through the Grand Canyon while her friends try to clear her name of murder. Fresh allies wear suspicious faces and old enemies hide new surprises.

As the secrets accumulate and the stakes for the exile shifters rise even higher, Sienna unlocks the door to her own past. The clock is counting down to war and Sienna will stop at nothing to prevent it, even at the expense of her heart.

WILD DAWN is the final novel of the Yellowstone Shifters series. The book also contains the short story, “Wild Choices,” which is Reese's story.  

Book 4_The Wild and the Cursed_Front_edited.jpg

The Wild and the Cursed

February 18, 2022

“After watching my family’s murder, I ran from my pack and made some bad decisions, and now I’m alone. I’m not a human and, as an exile, I’m not a shifter either. All I have is my Yellowstone home, and I’ll tear out your throat if you threaten it.”

Park Ranger and lynx shifter Jordan Quinn wants nothing to do with the packs that surround the neutral Yellowstone territory. She left that life behind a long time ago and her sort-of boyfriend, Everett Palmer, Chief of Police of Jackson, Wyoming, thinks she’s human. But in a shifter territory war, Jordan’s neutrality may not be enough to keep her safe.

As the bodies start to pile up, covered in mysterious bites, Jordan knows that someone’s trying to create a new shifter, despite the ban. But how can she warn the police? If she breaks the shifter secrecy law, or if Everett realizes the truth, they’ll both be killed.

When Jordan discovers that Everett has secrets of his own, she begins to question everything she knew about him. Is he really worth her loyalty?

Jordan must determine what lines she’s willing to cross to fight for what she wants. If she goes too far, she risks more than her own life, she risks the Yellowstone shifters.

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Bear to Be Wild

"My wild heart was broken once by my family's betrayal. The people I most expected to protect me, failed me, and I'll never forgive them. I'm an exile shifter and that's what I'll always be."

Starting fresh as a ranger at Denali National Park is just what Darcy needs to get some space to clear her head. The Yellowstone shifters are starting to act like a pack under Sienna's leadership, and Darcy knows she'll never trust an alpha again, even if the alpha is one of her closest friends.

In Alaska, however, Darcy finds herself in the middle of a territory battle, a wilderness rescue operation, and a confrontation with her past. As she navigates the challenges of being an exile bear shifter in a wild and savage environment, Darcy must learn to trust, or she'll be lost to the enemies that haunt her steps.

Wild Refuge


When she discovers she isn’t human, Sienna Wilder conceals her gifts from the packs and the alphas who lead them. But she’s not a scared kid anymore. Is it time to stop hiding and fight for what she wants?

After learning to control her puma shifting abilities, Sienna, a Yellowstone Park Ranger, finds peace for the first time in her life. Only someone from her past is back under suspicious circumstances, and the competing packs that surround her home are threatening open war.

When the fires start, Sienna knows that she must intervene, even if it risks exposure of her rare power. If she doesn’t figure out the hidden connections, she may lose everything. But is the truth worth her freedom?  

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Katie Panikian_ebook.jpg

Wild Rising

July 30, 2021

“My name is Sienna Wilder and up until about age 12, I thought I was human.”

From a young age, Sienna learned to control the savage creature that raged in her heart. Swearing never to unleash the puma again, she kept her head down, her emotions level, and she survived.

Inside though, she yearned to find a place where she could roam free. Landing her dream job as a park ranger at Yellowstone, Sienna thinks she’s finally found it, only to discover that she’s not the only one with a secret beast. Now, women are disappearing and no one is paying attention. Sienna must discover the truth or she may be next.

Can she learn to trust her wild side in time to save herself and the others?

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