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Release Day!

Read the trilogy in one amazing book with a bonus short story!

A thousand years ago, a Varangian cohort deployed to the steppe disappeared without a trace, banished to a parallel world. On that parallel world, the soldiers and their families fought monsters and learned magic. Now, in the present day, the realms are colliding once more and the Varangian descendants must work together to stop a demonic horde from invading the modern world.

Summoned from grad school, Verena must learn to master her new magic and lead her family to war. Torn from everything she once knew, Astrid must find the portal; find the dragon. Suddenly on a journey that leads to a place she never imagined, Callie must face her fears and choose her destiny.

From the snowy Urals, to the vast, arid steppe, to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and to the parallel world full of gods and monsters and magic, the Varangian descendants will confront their greatest enemy and forge a new future together.

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