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“After watching my family’s murder, I ran from my pack and made some bad decisions, and now I’m alone. I’m not a human and, as an exile, I’m not a shifter either. All I have is my Yellowstone home, and I’ll tear out your throat if you threaten it.”


Park Ranger and lynx shifter Jordan Quinn wants nothing to do with the packs that surround the neutral Yellowstone territory. She left that life behind a long time ago and her sort-of boyfriend, Everett Palmer, Chief of Police of Jackson, Wyoming, thinks she’s human. But in a shifter territory war, Jordan’s neutrality may not be enough to keep her safe.


As the bodies start to pile up, covered in mysterious bites, Jordan knows that someone’s trying to create a new shifter, despite the ban. But how can she warn the police? If she breaks the shifter secrecy law, or if Everett realizes the truth, they’ll both be killed.


When Jordan discovers that Everett has secrets of his own, she begins to question everything she knew about him. Is he really worth her loyalty?


Jordan must determine what lines she’s willing to cross to fight for what she wants. If she goes too far, she risks more than her own life, she risks the Yellowstone shifters.

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