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Would you like the opportunity to read "Wild Dawn" before it's published (and for free)? I have a limited number of spaces on my ARC team (that's an advance reader copy team). Applicants must be able to read ebooks (on ePub or PDF since there won't be any print galleys). I would love honest reviews submitted to Amazon and Goodreads. ARC members receive an early copy on Aug 12, 2022, four weeks BEFORE the book is published. The book goes live on Sept 9, 2022 so please post your review as close as possible to that date.

Trigger warnings: some violence (inc. blood, death).

“My name is Sienna Wilder, park ranger and puma, and my story will transform the shifter world.”

All Sienna wants to do is live in peace in Yellowstone, but rumors of her existence are sparking a revolution among the shifters. The Council has called a meeting and more than Sienna’s safety is at risk—the anti-treaty alphas will use any means to take control of the neutral national parks.

Soon Sienna is hunting an assassin through the Grand Canyon while her friends try to clear her name of murder. Fresh allies wear suspicious faces and old enemies hide new surprises.

As the secrets accumulate and the stakes for the exile shifters rise even higher, Sienna unlocks the door to her own past. The clock is counting down to war and Sienna will stop at nothing to prevent it, even at the expense of her heart.

WILD DAWN is the final novel of the Yellowstone Shifters series. The book also contains the short story, “Wild Choices,” which is Reese's story.

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