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ARC Reviewers Wanted for The Alkonost's Egg

The Alkonost’s Egg — new fantasy book releasing July 2

Click here to sign up to be an ARC reviewer! You'll receive your copy on Friday, June 11, three full weeks before everyone else!

On a parallel world, war rages. The demon horde marches on the citadel with a secret weapon that will finally eradicate the humans.

Working together, Callie, a sailboat captain, and Bard, a soldier with a mysterious past, must find the source of the Bermuda Triangle’s mystical surges. Without harnessing that power, they won’t have the ability to build a portal back to Bard’s home world; the citadel will fall and demons will walk the Earth again.

In a race against time, Callie and Bard travel across the ocean in search of the power they need to save the Earth. Will Bard yield to the fate he doesn’t want? Will Callie transform her own dreams to see if she and Bard can forge a destiny together?

The Alkonost’s Egg is the final book of the Varangian Descendants trilogy.

[You don’t need to read Book 1 and 2 first–each book is a different main character under an overarching villain.]

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